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NW Corvette Association December Minutes

Presidents Report

Mystery Tour is planned for 2 days Saturday May 20 and Sunday May 21 John let us know if you plan to attend, please sign up as soon as possible on the web site page. John is trying to get the rooms set up for both nights. He also said that if you can only stay one night that would be ok. He also provided 2 clues for those who were not there.

Clue #1 It will cover 2 states

Clue #2 The run is 70 to 90 miles from home

John also reminded us that we are all here to have fun and build lasting friendships and most of all communicate with one another and participate in the events in the coming year.

Secretary Report

Mike thanked Diane Toycen for covering for him last month and taking the minutes for him while on vacation.

Historian Report

Rene Lewis was not able to make the meeting due to illness.

Vice President Report

Terry Hagberg had noting to report for this meeting

Officer At Large/Webmaster

Shaun let everyone know that the website is up and running. I think it looks great and functions well. He also reminded to email him Horizontal pictures of your baby if you wish to be on the site. You can also RSVP events as Jana our Activities Director adds them to the site. Shaun also encouraged us to try and join in when invited by other clubs. It is a

great way to meet new people and helps represent our club in a good say.


Jana provides details of upcoming events and that they are getting loaded up on the we site as soon as she gets them. So, keep an eye on the web site.

December Events – Annual Angels on Wheels Toy Run for the Randall Children’s Hospital. Is this Saturday the 10th. We are meeting at the Portland Expo Center, 2060 N Marine Drive Portland OR 97217 @ 9:00 AM. The hospital is still on COVID rules so we will just be able to drop them off. Donations are being accepted as well. December 17 Saturday Evening is the Holiday get together and gift exchange. Red wrapping for the Ladies and green wrapping for the guys. Gifs are to be no more than $25.00.

The NWCA annual banquet is set for January 14 and is at the Oak Tree Restaurant in Woodland. Please sign up on the website if you plan to join us for this event. Jana hopes to have the 1st newsletter out shortly so be watching for it.

Elsa Ditez shared that the NWCA vs Rose City annual bowling tournament will be at Crosley Lanes in Vancouver. March 11, 2023, and will start at noon more to come. If you bowl or just want to cheer on the bowlers, please plan to attend. Next Jacket night is January 19th at Les Horton’s house. It is a potluck so bring your favorite dish.

Car Show Chair

Les reported as of this meeting there is no definitive date with Iliani for 2023 show. He is trying to reach them. He did report that 143 thank you letters to the 2022 show attendees, donation givers and sponsors. He received positive feedback form many. He also reported 14 Volunteers for helping with the 2023 car show. Les also reported that the NWCA trailer has been in his shop getting some repairs and asked for volunteers to help.

New Members

Tom Wagner, 2004 Yellow Convertible

Dave Watson, Jo Ellen Jarvis, 2002 Red Convertible

Bill Jensen and Sara Ann Olshefski, 07 Atomic Orange Corvette 2006

NWCA currently has 108 members

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