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Corvette Restomods By Jeff Hayes Customs

Classic Auto Insurance shows us who Jeff Hayes is. Jeff Hayes has always been a car guy, and wanted to be involved in the process of building cars. He's owned modern Corvettes because of the dependability and performance, and always loved the style and history of classic Corvettes. Jeff knew that if he could combine the best of both worlds, he would have something special. This was the seed for Jeff Hayes Customs. Jeff's first build was a 1955 Chevrolet Pickup, and he wanted to build it into a modern, computerized V8 custom pickup. Jeff ended up selling the truck, and decided he wanted to do it again, but this time with a Corvette. He started with the C1 Corvette, but knew he had to start building C2s.

If like this video from Classic Auto Insurance and would like to see more videos like it. Visit his YouTube channel at Classic Auto Insurance. Once there remember to hit that like button and to subscribe to get notifications when new videos come out.

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